Witty Captions for Every Day of the Week

Witty Captions for Every Day of the Week

Let’s be honest, some weeks are harder to get through than others, and the struggle can be REAL. For many, Monday’s are where the struggles are infinitely real and no amount of coffee can save the day. On the other end of the spectrum, Friday’s are the nights when you can crack open a bottle of wine and not feel guilty for drinking the entire thing (because you deserve it!).

If you need a little motivation to make it through your week, stick these creative captions onto your My Cinema Lightbox the night before and wake up feeling like superman (or woman), ready to take on the world.

Sunday - Sunday Funday

Let’s not put a downer on Sunday just because it’s the last day of the weekend - that should be all the more reason to make the most of it!

witty instagram captions brunch

Monday - Mondays should be optional

Is there anyone out there who actually LIKES Mondays? Drink all the coffee in the world, keep your eye on the prize (your bed) and power through the day!

witty instagram captions monday

Tuesday - Treat Yo’ Self Tuesday

Congrats, you survived Monday! Treat yourself to a donut with that coffee today - carbs don’t count in the morning, right?

witty instagram captions tuesday treat yo self

Wednesday - Give it up for hump day!

The second best weekday (after Friday, of course) - hump day! It’s all smooth sailing from here. Grab a glass of wine in celebration!

witty instagram captions

Thursday - Thirsty Thursday

You might call it Thursday, but we call it Friday Eve. Hangovers don’t count on Fridays so why wait to crack open that bottle you’ve been eyeing all week? Just try to save some for tomorrow.

witty instagram captions thirsty thursday

Friday - Fri-yay!

You made it! The day you’ve been waiting for these last four days. Nothing can go wrong today.

witty instagram captions coffee

Saturday - Caturday

Because our feline friends deserve to be appreciated at least one day of the week. Now take some inspiration from our furry friends and take a cat nap today - you deserve it!

witty instagram captions cat

Whether you’re using your Original My Cinema Lightbox, or simply writing yourself little post-it notes - use these captions to get yourself through the week! You won’t regret it.