TAKE THE QUIZ: Which lightbox is right for you?

TAKE THE QUIZ: Which lightbox is right for you?

Now with five different variations to choose from (and we may not be stopping there - spoiler!), picking the right lightbox for you can be a struggle. From big to small, from white to wood. The possibilities are endless!

Take this quiz to find out which lightbox is right for you! 


And hey, if you still can't pick just one - nothing says you can't buy them all!

Super Bowl 2017: Winning Quotes To Get Your Head In The Game

Super Bowl 2017: Winning Quotes To Get Your Head In The Game

Let’s get ready to rumble! We’re counting down the days until Super Bowl 2017 - one of our all-time favorite excuses for an afternoon party. 

If you’re playing host this year, make sure you have access to a big TV, stock your coolers full of beer, and buy as many chicken wings as you can get your hands on. And don’t forget to deck out your space with battling team colors and decor items to really get people in the mood. 

Your My Cinema Lightbox works great for a party like this too! Get your whole crew in the cheering mood by putting one of these #SuperBowl2017 phrases up in lights. 

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday Houston

Super Bowl Sunday Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday Kickoff

Super Bowl 2017

And here are a few our customers came up with:

A photo posted by @olivewoodlane on


Don't forget to share your #SuperBowl2017 quotes with us on social media by hashtagging #MyCinemaLightbox on Instagram & Twitter. Don't have one yet? There's still time to pick one up before the big game!

12 Quotes for Foodies

12 Quotes for Foodies

food· ie - a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.

Whether you’re devouring colorful salads, admiring artistic smoothies on Instagram, or finding that perfect angle to take a picture of your avo-toast, you qualify as a ‘foodie’. With October in full swing, it’s important to note all of the delicious holidays coming up - and we’re not talking about Thanksgiving. National Dessert Day, World Food Day, and Chocolate Cupcake Day all hold a special place in our hearts this month.

Go grab a snack and your My Cinema Lightbox, and join us for these food-related puns that are appropriate for ANY occasion.

1. Eat More Hamburgers

quotes for foodies hamburger my cinema lightbox


2. Cake Makes Everything Better

quotes for foodies cake my cinema lightbox


3. But First, Coffee

quotes for foodies coffee my cinema lightbox


4. Wanna Taco Bout It?

quotes for foodies taco my cinema lightbox


5. May The Fork Be With You

quotes for foodies fork my cinema lightbox


6. Oh, Kale Yeah!

quotes for foodies kale my cinema lightbox


7. You Had Me At Merlot

quotes for foodies wine my cinema lightbox


8. Soup of the Day; Champagne

quotes for foodies champagne my cinema lightbox


9. Fries Before Guys

quotes for foodies fries my cinema lightbox


10. Brunch So Hard

quotes for foodies brunch my cinema lightbox


11. Nugs Not Drugs

quotes for foodies nuggets my cinema lightbox


12. Save Water, Drink Champagne

quotes for foodies champagne my cinema lightbox


Have we made you hungry? Try bringing your My Cinema Lightbox into the kitchen for a little cooking inspiration (and a few giggles).

Introducing: The Vintage Cinema Lightbox

Introducing: The Vintage Cinema Lightbox

We know, we know... you love our lightboxes but you wish you had space for more letter and longer phrases, right? And while you totally dig the black and white, you're craving a little more of a retro vibe for your space.

Our latest product launch was almost eight months ago, but don't think for a second we haven't been busy, dreaming up our next innovation. And today, we are thrilled to bring you the newest addition to the lightbox family: the Vintage Edition Lightbox!

vintage cinema lightbox


With it's nostalgic brown faux wood shell, this lightbox gives a classic look and feel to your home decor. But more than just a different look and feel, this baby is also extra long! It's two rows, with space for 14 characters across each. 

vintage cinema lightbox

Think about it. More characters means more creative possibilities! Just imagine all the Words To Live By you will be able to create that you couldn't before.

vintage cinema lightbox friends giving

vintage cinema lightbox

vintage cinema lightbox instagram

vintage cinema lightbox

You're going to get 140 letters, numbers, and characters to play with when you order one of these. All for $64.99USD. And, if you already have the Original My Cinema Lightbox, all of the letters from the Symbol, Vibrant and Wilderness pack will fit in here also. Bonus! 

We hope you're as stoked as we are about our latest release. Click here to order your Vintage Cinema Lightbox NOW!