The Adventures of My Cinema Lightbox: #MCLOnTheGo

The Adventures of My Cinema Lightbox: #MCLOnTheGo

When vacation time comes around, you know it's going to be a good month! Even a few days of relaxation and recharging can do wonders for your mood. So grab your strawberry daiquiri, put on your favorite pair of sandals, and pack that My Cinema Lightbox (preferably mini to save luggage space!). It's time for vacay!

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Spread the joy at DisneyWorld!

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Win money for letter & symbol packs in Vegas, baby! 

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Bring it to the island!

Take it for a dip in pool (not literally though - we're not waterproof yet!)

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Lounge with your Lightbox at a resort!

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Spoil Your Graduate With These Remarkable Gifts!

Spoil Your Graduate With These Remarkable Gifts!

It's an exciting time for the graduate in your life. After years of pop quizzes, all-night study sessions and endless hours spent in the library - they finally get to see their hard work pay off. Life is about to change for them (and probably you!), drastically. So, wipe those tears and start celebrating their new chapter! These fun, and unique gifts are sure to wow them and get them excited for their future.

Poppin' Bottles

Gifting champagne isn't the exactly a unique gift idea, but a customized bottle of bubbly sure is! They'll be the hit their grad party.

Your grad must be of legal drinking age to enjoy this gift.

Dorm Room (Or First Apartment!) Decor

Most graduates are starting off with next to nothing, and there's nothing motivating about a plain, empty space. Get them some decor that can act as lighting AND inspiration. Two birds, one stone - you're welcome!

We love these neon desk lamps!
Our color-changing light boxes are the perfect accessory to any room.

A Star!

That's right, you can register a star under anyones name! Give them the gift that will literally urge them to shoot for the stars.

There's tons of different registries to chose from, so do your research!

Plane Tickets

What is better than the gift of travel? Award your graduates hard work with a pair of tickets to anywhere their favourite airline flies. 

Really want to give them a send-off? Buy them a one-way!

Gas Card

Give them no excuses, and hand them a pre-paid gas card to help them get around from interview to interview. 

Fuel their future, literally!


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Super Bowl 2017: Winning Quotes To Get Your Head In The Game

Super Bowl 2017: Winning Quotes To Get Your Head In The Game

Let’s get ready to rumble! We’re counting down the days until Super Bowl 2017 - one of our all-time favorite excuses for an afternoon party. 

If you’re playing host this year, make sure you have access to a big TV, stock your coolers full of beer, and buy as many chicken wings as you can get your hands on. And don’t forget to deck out your space with battling team colors and decor items to really get people in the mood. 

Your My Cinema Lightbox works great for a party like this too! Get your whole crew in the cheering mood by putting one of these #SuperBowl2017 phrases up in lights. 

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday Houston

Super Bowl Sunday Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday Kickoff

Super Bowl 2017

And here are a few our customers came up with:

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Don't forget to share your #SuperBowl2017 quotes with us on social media by hashtagging #MyCinemaLightbox on Instagram & Twitter. Don't have one yet? There's still time to pick one up before the big game!

How to Use Your My Cinema Lightbox in Photography

How to Use Your My Cinema Lightbox in Photography

In the past decade, photography has become part of our everyday lives. With the ultra visual world we live in, filled with popular social networks like Snapchat and Instagram, we’re all photographers!

Now, a picture might be worth a thousand words… but sometimes a little text can really bring the story home. And what better way to do that than with your My Cinema Lightbox?

Here are some ideas to spice up your photos with your lightbox and add a little flair to your images. 

For Baby Photoshoots

The little ones grow up so fast! To make the memories last, use your My Cinema Lightbox to document important milestones along the way. 

cinema lightbox photography

For Wedding Photos 

Add a bit of liveliness to the images of your special day by incorporating your My Cinema Lightbox into the decor. Personalize it to say something romantic (like, “just married” or “I love you”), or even go for a little humour! 

cinema lightbox photography

For Family Photoshoots

Hiring a professional photographer to snap your yearly family photos? Try adding your My Cinema Lightbox into the mix. Find the letters to spell out your family name and the current year to reminisce in the years to come; or come up with a witty caption.

cinema lightbox photography

For Traveling

Before jetting off to your vacation destination, make sure you have your essentials: camera, tour guide, and your My Cinema Lightbox. (Hint: The Mini Cinema Lightbox is smaller and more easily fits into already over-stuffed suitcases and backpacks!)

cinema lightbox photography

For Flatlays

This one’s more for the lifestyle bloggers out there who LOVE Instagram. For your next flatlay, whether it’s a pic of your monthly favourites or simply a daily “here’s what I’m up to today” type of post, your mini My Cinema Lightbox will come in handy. Write out a witty quote or saying and your likes will go through the roof!

cinema lightbox photography

Now that you have some creative new ideas in mind, go out there and take some spectacular photos! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (because who knows, you might be featured in our profile or even a blog post).