10 Quotes for Teachers to Inspire Kids

10 Quotes for Teachers to Inspire Kids

Back-to-school season is in full swing and let’s be real, we have to give it up for the teachers! Throughout the year, they spend at least six hours a day with our little monsters - teaching them everything from 2+2 to rights and wrongs. They work hard to encourage and stimulate excitement about learning, and with such young minds, it's a hard task to manage verbally - so why not have your My Cinema Lightbox do the talking?

Bring your lightbox into your classroom, put one of these quotes on it, and let the inspiration thrive amongst your students! (Tip: You might need the XL Cinema Lightbox for some of these thought-provoking quotes.)

  1. “Numbers rule the universe.” 
    We all know math can be tedious work, and it’s not exactly a favorite amongst children (or adults…). But the reality is, numbers DO rule the universe - remind your students of that!
  2. “Hakuna Matata” 
    Every child knows this phrase, and let’s be honest, school can be a stressful time in a child’s life. They need a pep talk every once in a while that they’ll get through the day!
    quotes for teachers to inspire kids
  3. “You were born to stand out.” - Dr. Seuss 
    Because the early years of life is a volatile time in determining what a child’s personality is.
  4. “Think think think.” - Winnie the Pooh 
    Pooh knew what he was talking about while looking for his honey; and it will definitely give your kids some motivation!
    quotes for teachers to inspire kids
  5. “Just keep swimming.”
    Spark a little encouragement in your students from a familiar cartoon character from Finding Nemo. Remind them that even though Dory is forgetful, she keeps on swimming through her struggles.
  6. “Everything stinks til it’s done." 
    It’s true! As a kid, the most tedious tasks feel like they’ll never end. Dr. Seuss knows.
  7. “Make ideas happen.” 
    Children need to be reminded that creativity is key, even if that means being wrong and making mistakes in the process. After all, that’s how we learn!
    quotes for teachers to inspire kids
  8. "Being kind is important."
    On top of educating children on becoming literate, teachers need to teach them how to behave towards others. Remind them that being kind to one another is important!
  9. “Oh the thinks you can think!” - Dr. Seuss 
    By the end of the day, kids are worn out. Remind them that there is no end to their thoughts, and that they’re able to do anything!
  10. “A day with you is my favorite.” - Winnie the Pooh 
    And last but not least, remind all of your kids that no matter how their day goes, you’re always happy to see them walking through the door every morning with wide eyes and a smile on their face.

The days of uninspired kids are gone! It’s time to foster creativity and motivation in the little ones (since they are the future).