Introducing: The Vintage Cinema Lightbox

Introducing: The Vintage Cinema Lightbox

We know, we know... you love our lightboxes but you wish you had space for more letter and longer phrases, right? And while you totally dig the black and white, you're craving a little more of a retro vibe for your space.

Our latest product launch was almost eight months ago, but don't think for a second we haven't been busy, dreaming up our next innovation. And today, we are thrilled to bring you the newest addition to the lightbox family: the Vintage Edition Lightbox!

vintage cinema lightbox


With it's nostalgic brown faux wood shell, this lightbox gives a classic look and feel to your home decor. But more than just a different look and feel, this baby is also extra long! It's two rows, with space for 14 characters across each. 

vintage cinema lightbox

Think about it. More characters means more creative possibilities! Just imagine all the Words To Live By you will be able to create that you couldn't before.

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vintage cinema lightbox

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vintage cinema lightbox

You're going to get 140 letters, numbers, and characters to play with when you order one of these. All for $64.99USD. And, if you already have the Original My Cinema Lightbox, all of the letters from the Symbol, Vibrant and Wilderness pack will fit in here also. Bonus! 

We hope you're as stoked as we are about our latest release. Click here to order your Vintage Cinema Lightbox NOW!

My Cinema Lightbox: Now With More Sizes, More Colors & More Fun!

My Cinema Lightbox: Now With More Sizes, More Colors & More Fun!

Don’t you just love old Hollywood? The black and white? The unforgettable lines from classic films? And you know those retro cinema signs? The ones they used to have up outside old theatres that announced the movie showtimes for that night? Of course you do—everyone knows those. You can even still see them on the few and far between old theatres that are still kickin’ around town. But you don’t have to head to the movies to get your fix of old Hollywood. No, no. You can get that old Hollywood feel right in your very own home. Or office. Or… well, you get the idea. 

We launched the Original Cinema Lightbox in the fall of 2015 and we’ve been leaving a trail of happy customers everywhere the product goes. And, what started with the one and only Original is now oh so much more. We’ve listened to our customers and have built even more products and add-ons for you to have fun with. 

Have you seen our SHOP page recently? Well, if you haven’t, let us give you a run down. 

For your smaller spaces, children’s rooms or for those of you that need a travel-size, we’ve got the Mini Cinema Lightbox. All the lightbox fun in a smaller, more compact size that you can tuck anywhere. 

Or, if “Go Big Or Go Home” is more your motto, you’re in luck! We also offer the XL Cinema Lightbox, which is perfect for storefronts or big events! 

We’ve gone beyond the basics and now offer letter packs with different fonts, colours and symbols for you to choose from so you can push your creativity to the limits and make your messages even more dazzling. (And hey, you don’t have to pick just one! Collect them all!) 

Sick of burnt out batteries? We know some of you were. So, as of last month, you can now order a DC adaptor to charge up your lightbox. Plug that baby in and let your sign shine for hours on end.

And we’ve got more on the way, you guys. 

On August 15th we will launch a brand new Mini Letter Pack with colored letters and fun celebration-themed symbols, and an XL Letter Pack with black and red letters and symbols. (What’s more classic old Hollywood than that?)

We’ve also been doing some dreaming, and we think we might throw another size into the mix for those longer messages. To keep up to speed on what's coming next, sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) and be the first in the know!

We’ve seen our product featured in Hello Magazine, Chatelaine, and on UrbanDaddy, Product Hunt and VAT19.com. We won “Best Booth" and “Best New Exhibitor" at the Toronto CanGift show in February. What can we say—everyone loves these! 

My Cinema Lightbox is decor and lighting, all at the same time. It gives you the chance to get inspired and to use your imagination. This is a fun, creative and memorable way to get your message across—whatever you message may be. 

So go ahead, order your My Cinema Lightbox today and create words to live by

And we want to see what words you come up with! Share photos of your My Cinema Lightbox message on social media using the hashtag #MyCinemaLightbox so we can see what you’re creating out there. There’s nothing that gets us giddier than that.