How to Organize Your My Cinema Lightbox Letter Packs

How to Organize Your My Cinema Lightbox Letter Packs

Let's be real for one second: you love your My Cinema Lightbox but storing the different letter & symbol packs can be a BIG struggle, right? We've all attempted the Ziplock bag method, or maybe tried to keep it easy (and affordable!) by storing them in the original packaging. But we think there's a better way! A few better ways, in fact. 

Now that you're getting serious with your lightbox (and maybe even expanding your family!), it's time to consider investing in a little organization to make your life 10x simpler.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Move over, earrings! There's a new use for your hanging jewelry organizers. Since you can hang this bad boy up anywhere (like your closet or the back of a door), this method is perfect for those who like to keep their lightbox in their bedroom or home office. 

jewelry my cinema lightbox organizing

Binder with Protective Plastic Inserts

Time to kick it old school and bring back the grade school binders! Grab a snazzy 1/2" binder and a pack of these nine-pocket page protectors, and go wild with organization!

my cinema lightbox desk organizer

Mini Accordion File

For the hard-core minimalist organizer, a mini accordion file is the way to go! We go crazy about this thing when it comes to organizing tasty recipes, dreadful tax receipts, and even handy coupons (no judgement!). And now our lightbox letters can join in on the filing excitement!

my cinema lightbox accordion organization

Drawer Organizer Tray

For those who have truly committed to a My Cinema Lightbox for life, it might be worth giving up an entire drawer. Empty out that junk drawer and install a simple jewelry tray for your letters & symbols. Never again will you have to remember where you last left those letter packs.

jewelry my cinema lightbox organizing


You may not remember this, but before smartphones and Facebook, we kept track of people using a Rolodex. Your parents may even have one of these kicking around still! While these aren't the most effective way to manage contacts anymore, they're definitely handy for keeping your lightbox letters in alphabetical order! If this is not your style, try a business card book.

rolodex my cinema lightbox organizing

Now go throw those Ziplock bags away! Your My Cinema Lightbox Add-On Packs deserve better with one of these tips. Which one will you use? Share your best organizational efforts with us on social media by hashtagging #MyCinemaLightbox on Instagram & Twitter.

Words To Live By: 2017 Resolutions

Words To Live By: 2017 Resolutions

Your My Cinema Lightbox isn't just for decor, it can also act as an inspiration board! Take a minute this New Year and set yourself some goals for 2017. Put your resolutions on your My Cinema Lightbox to motivate you daily, like some of our customers have done.

It wouldn't be a New Year's resolution blog without a post about ambition, now would it? Start 2017 off right by setting some goals for yourself to grow this year - as a person and in your career. [Image from Santina Commisso] 

The best way to kick off a new year is with an attitude of gratitude. Instead of focusing on all the things you don't have, give thanks for what you do have. With a grateful heart and a positive attitude, nothing can bring you down! [Image from Koralee]

Explore more! There's so much to see in this big beautiful world of ours, but that doesn't mean you need to hop on a plane to be adventurous - start at home! Make a list of places you've been meaning to check out around your city, or hikes you've been meaning to take and get out there. [Image from Bowood Farms]

Find a new hobby, or learn a new skill. Utilize the ambition the new year brings, and dive into something new. Maybe crafts aren't your thing, but you could always learn to play an instrument, start cooking or even get into snow shoeing! The options are endless, really. [Photo from Fynes Designs]

Unfortunately for many of us, January also mean Christmas break is over and it's time to go back to school. Instead of dreading the return to the books, embrace it! Turn over a new leaf, and set some scholastic goals for yourself. Boost your GPA, show more effort and make the most of your education. [Photo from Kol Kid]


Now that we've got you thinking about your 2017 resolutions, what goals are you setting for yourself? Post your Words To Live By on your lightbox and share with us on social media!