Ultra Creative Ways To Celebrate This Easter

Ultra Creative Ways To Celebrate This Easter

Easter is just around the corner! A time for rest, family, celebrations and... over-indulging in chocolate. A winning combo! This year, we want you to get creative with your decor and celebrations. Update some of your long-standing traditions and make them memorable for years and years to come!


These bunny pancakes are almost (almost--but not quite) too cute to eat and a super festive way to start off the day.


Looking for an appetizer for the family potluck? How about an Easter carrot cheese ball!

Or bust out some Peeps kebabs. An easy way to get the kids to eat something healthy on this chocolate-filled holiday.


Hang this easy DIY banner to make any room feel festive.


Turn your early morning crafts into unique centrepieces for the dinner table. How sweet are these DIY cacti?

Show your breakfast crew how passionate you really are about all things brunch with your customizable My Cinema Lightbox.

Lure the Easter Bunny with a beautiful bouquet of upside down roses or tulips. He'll be sure to come knockin'.


Make your own natural Easter egg dye, with simple ingredients from your fridge.

Or make your eggs Instagram-ready with one of these trendy dye-jobs.

We are hopping (had to!) with excitement to see how you celebrate Easter! Does your family have any unique traditions? Be sure to share with us - we love to hear from you. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram, where we can connect and check out our Pinterest boards for even more unique ideas.

Happy Hunting!


5 Reasons You Should Drink Beer Today; #NationalBeerDay!

5 Reasons You Should Drink Beer Today; #NationalBeerDay!

Let's be honest, we're all looking for an excuse to indulge in the good stuff mid-week. Well, today is your lucky day! It's #NationalBeerDay (April 7th), and if that's not a good enough excuse for you, we can do one better - it's also good for your health! We know know... it sounds like a stretch. But it's official! And we've got 5 reasons to prove it.  

1. It's good for your heart

Studies have shown that, similar to red wine, beer (specifically dark ales and stouts) contains antioxidants that are great for your cardiovascular health. Sipping on the occasional brew will lower your cholesterol and decrease your risk of stroke. But remember, moderation is key. The same studies shows that risk of heart disease increased in people who consumed higher amounts of beer.

2. It can help protect against Alzheimer's Disease

Certain ingredients in beer can help protect the brain from harmful levels of aluminum, which is thought to be a major cause of Alzheimer's. Moderate beer drinkers are 23% LESS likely to suffer from this debilitating disease, so drink up!

3. It promotes bone health

Forget the milk, pass the ale! Beer has proven to help strengthen bones, and prevent diseases like Osteoporosis. Beers containing high levels of malted barley and hops are richest in silicon, which is the ingredient that builds strong bones. So reach for an IPA, why don't ya?!

4. It reduces your risk of kidney stones

Beer drinkers benefit from a reduced kidney stone risk of 41% because the alcohol acts as a diuretic. Drinking beer stimulates the kidneys to work harder to excrete the by-products of alcohol metabolism and this allows you to urinate more frequently, thus cleansing the system - so order that 2nd one!

5. It makes you happy

We know, you probable already knew that. Nothing beats sipping a cold one in the sun after a long day, but it's actually more scientific than that. That euphoric feeling isn't just because you're finally relaxing, beer releases dopamine and endorphins in your brain. Cheers to that!

Now that we've given you the facts, it's in your best interest to crack one today. You know what they say... a pint a day, keeps the doctor away. Ok, they don't say it, but we do. :) Cheers to health! 

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Trust No One: April Fools' Day Pranks

Trust No One: April Fools' Day Pranks

One of the most light-hearted, gag-filled days is upon us - that's right, April Fools' Day! For a full 24-hours, we're required to believe nothing and trust no one. Friends and family play harmless jokes on us, while big brands spend months figuring out the perfect prank to play on their followers.

Now while we're not playing jokes this year, we have a handful of innocent shenanigans as inspiration for this goofy holiday!

April fools day my cinema Lightbox pranks

Autocorrect Shortcuts:
Grab your bae's iPhone overnight and go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut. Change simple answers that they're likely to use throughout the day (such as no, yes, okay) to wacky words phrases that will confuse not only them, but the recipient.

While you're at it with their phone, change your contact name to 'Mom' or 'Dad'. Have some fun pretending to be someone else and sending un-mom-like texts.

Wine O'Clock:
Replace your roomie's Saturday night bottle of red wine with some non-alcoholic grape juice. But remember: don't dump it down the drain. Drink up!

my cinema Lightbox April fools day wine

Condiment Toothpaste:
Yikes! Don't get angry when your roommate realizes that you swapped out their toothpaste with mayo. Buy them a new tube of toothpaste in forgiveness, but prepare for retaliation!

Relationship Status:
A classic. Shock your family and friends by changing your Facebook relationship status to 'engaged' - and to add a little bit of spice, throw in a stock photo of a ring onto your news feed.

Or... announce a pregnancy with your spouse. Make sure he's in on it, or else things could get messy! Caution: be prepared for hundreds of comments & messages, and lots of disappointment once the day is over.

Tacos, margaritas & babies. A celebration with friends & family for our baby girls!

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No Coffee Beans:
It's simple - just pour their coffee into a Ziplock bag and hide it away in a safe place. Leave nothing except a single bean in the coffee bag and watch the roommate crankiness develop.

Or alternatively, swap out their coffee for decaf and watch the true #IWokeUpLikeThis moment reveal itself.

On this day of jokes and pranks, just remember...

Nothing but monkey business...

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Just a little evening reminder 😆

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What pranks do you have up your sleeve for this April Fools' Day? Incorporate your My Cinema Lightbox into your shenanigans and show us by tagging #MyCinemaLightbox on Instagram & Twitter!

Words To Live By: Quotes For The Adventurer

Words To Live By: Quotes For The Adventurer

Calling all thrill-seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventure addicts -- this one's for you! You love everything the great outdoors has to offer, from climbing mountain peaks and sleeping under the stars to shredding the slopes. Even when you're stuck at the office or at home doing chores, your mind is planning your next great escape. Throw up your favorite adventurous quote on your Lightbox and get inspired every day!

"Meet you in the mountains"

quote for the adventurer my cinema lightbox

"Explore more"

quote for the adventurer my cinema lightbox

"Live life to the fullest"

quote for the adventurer my cinema lightbox

"Happy camper"

quote for the adventurer my cinema lightbox

"Land and sea to conquer"

quote for the adventurer my cinema lightbox

"Today is wild and yours"

"Take a hike"

quote for the adventurer my cinema lightbox

"Into the wild"

quote for the adventurer my cinema lightbox

"First chair"

quote for the adventurer my cinema lightbox

Now go forth and plan your next great adventure! Don't forget to throw your Mini Lightbox in your bag to help capture all your favorite moments. Tag your photos with #MyCinemaLightbox and you could be in our next blog.

Happy exploring!

12 Quotes for Foodies

12 Quotes for Foodies

food· ie - a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.

Whether you’re devouring colorful salads, admiring artistic smoothies on Instagram, or finding that perfect angle to take a picture of your avo-toast, you qualify as a ‘foodie’. With October in full swing, it’s important to note all of the delicious holidays coming up - and we’re not talking about Thanksgiving. National Dessert Day, World Food Day, and Chocolate Cupcake Day all hold a special place in our hearts this month.

Go grab a snack and your My Cinema Lightbox, and join us for these food-related puns that are appropriate for ANY occasion.

1. Eat More Hamburgers

quotes for foodies hamburger my cinema lightbox


2. Cake Makes Everything Better

quotes for foodies cake my cinema lightbox


3. But First, Coffee

quotes for foodies coffee my cinema lightbox


4. Wanna Taco Bout It?

quotes for foodies taco my cinema lightbox


5. May The Fork Be With You

quotes for foodies fork my cinema lightbox


6. Oh, Kale Yeah!

quotes for foodies kale my cinema lightbox


7. You Had Me At Merlot

quotes for foodies wine my cinema lightbox


8. Soup of the Day; Champagne

quotes for foodies champagne my cinema lightbox


9. Fries Before Guys

quotes for foodies fries my cinema lightbox


10. Brunch So Hard

quotes for foodies brunch my cinema lightbox


11. Nugs Not Drugs

quotes for foodies nuggets my cinema lightbox


12. Save Water, Drink Champagne

quotes for foodies champagne my cinema lightbox


Have we made you hungry? Try bringing your My Cinema Lightbox into the kitchen for a little cooking inspiration (and a few giggles).