Ultra Creative Ways To Celebrate This Easter

Ultra Creative Ways To Celebrate This Easter

Easter is just around the corner! A time for rest, family, celebrations and... over-indulging in chocolate. A winning combo! This year, we want you to get creative with your decor and celebrations. Update some of your long-standing traditions and make them memorable for years and years to come!


These bunny pancakes are almost (almost--but not quite) too cute to eat and a super festive way to start off the day.


Looking for an appetizer for the family potluck? How about an Easter carrot cheese ball!

Or bust out some Peeps kebabs. An easy way to get the kids to eat something healthy on this chocolate-filled holiday.


Hang this easy DIY banner to make any room feel festive.


Turn your early morning crafts into unique centrepieces for the dinner table. How sweet are these DIY cacti?

Show your breakfast crew how passionate you really are about all things brunch with your customizable My Cinema Lightbox.

Lure the Easter Bunny with a beautiful bouquet of upside down roses or tulips. He'll be sure to come knockin'.


Make your own natural Easter egg dye, with simple ingredients from your fridge.

Or make your eggs Instagram-ready with one of these trendy dye-jobs.

We are hopping (had to!) with excitement to see how you celebrate Easter! Does your family have any unique traditions? Be sure to share with us - we love to hear from you. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram, where we can connect and check out our Pinterest boards for even more unique ideas.

Happy Hunting!


Word Of The Day: A Game the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Word Of The Day: A Game the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Family game night may be a thing of the past—of another generation even! These days, family schedules are tight; and people are spending less and less time together.

Does this sound like your family? Have you started to notice that your kids are increasingly becoming more interested in text messaging their friends and less interested in playing games with Mom & Dad? Well, we’ve got a game that everyone can get into and you can play it EVERYDAY. This is a great way to connect as a family, especially with older kids. (Before you know it, they'll be looking forward to family dinners and they’ll be a little smarter!)

Use your My Cinema Lightbox to teach the entire family a new word, every day.

Here’s how the game is played.

Step 1: Find words.

First, you need to find the words. The right words. There are many websites and apps you can use to get new words daily. Here are a few we like:

  1. SuperKids: We like this one because you can pick words that are good for specific ages. You can set this to be your homepage, so when you pop open your laptop each morning, a new word is waiting for you!
  2. Oxford English Dictionary: Who to better trust to provide you with an ample amount of words than the dictionary people. You can subscribe and have them emailed to your inbox each day!
  3. Word Of The Day app: Download it right to your device and get fresh words delivered daily. How much more convenient can it get! (Don’t forget to turn your push notifications on.)

Step 2: Display each morning.

Wake up bright and early, turn on the coffee maker and pull out your My Cinema Lightbox tiles. File the letters into your MCL to build out the Word Of The Day and display it near the breakfast table where the whole family can read it. Over cereal, present the Word of The Day to your family along with the definition, and possibly an example of how to use it in a sentence.

Step 3: Complete the challenge.

Challenge that family of yours to use that word sometime throughout their day! Using it will help everyone commit to memorizing the word.

Step 4: Share with everyone.

When everyone reconvenes for dinner, ensure the My Cinema Lightbox is within sight. Take turns going around the table sharing how you used the word that day.

That’s how the game is played! It’s designed to be fun and educational, and not so much about winners and losers, but hey—if you’re a competitive family, surely you could find a way to integrate a score system, maybe with rewards that get you out of household chores. (Or is the pride enough?)

Now Vocabu-bots, roll out!