#EarthDay: 5 Ways to Recycle Your Love For Mother Nature

#EarthDay: 5 Ways to Recycle Your Love For Mother Nature

She gives us fresh water, the greenest vegetables, and more wildlife than you can imagine. That’s right, Mother Nature; and what better day to celebrate our thriving planet than with Earth Day (April 22)?

Now, our Earth can’t survive on its own, so we’ve come up with 5 easy ways for you to show your appreciation for Mother Earth and all that nature has to offer us:

Pick up the trash:

It might be gross, but every little bit does the Earth good! Whether you're on your daily walk with your pup or on your way to the grocery store, if you find a plastic bottle lying in the middle of the sidewalk, pick it up & recycle it.

Plant a flower:

Add on to our wonderful planet by planting a seed! Watch it flourish and provide bees with all that delish nectar.

I'd be lost without my plant children 🌿

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Buy organic:

Not only does buying organic preserve our ecosystem, but it also reduces pollution, supports local farming, keeps our bodies free of pesticides and chemicals, and tastes better! What's not to love here?

When life gives you lemons🍋........buy a lemon shirt? 🤔No. That's not it but this shirt is so adorable, right?!

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Show Mother Nature some physical love by volunteering. Restore a bird habitat, plant trees in your neighborhood, or clear a creek. Anything! The options are endless (and you'll feel accomplished afterwards!).

It ain't easy being...

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Go for a walk:

Nothing better than taking a long walk outside on Earth Day. Leave your notification-ridden phone at home and take in all of the greenery that Mother Nature has to offer. 

Sometimes you need to escape! What adventures are you up to today? 🌲

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Turn off the lights:

While it might be tempting to leave that bathroom light on, make an effort to not use copious amounts of electricity today! Just think of the savings on your next utility bill.

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How are you recycling your love for Mother Nature this Earth Day? We'd love to hear from you... or even see some ideas on your My Cinema Lightbox (battery-powered, of course!). Share your ideas with us on Facebook & Instagram!