Super Bowl 2017: Winning Quotes To Get Your Head In The Game

Super Bowl 2017: Winning Quotes To Get Your Head In The Game

Let’s get ready to rumble! We’re counting down the days until Super Bowl 2017 - one of our all-time favorite excuses for an afternoon party. 

If you’re playing host this year, make sure you have access to a big TV, stock your coolers full of beer, and buy as many chicken wings as you can get your hands on. And don’t forget to deck out your space with battling team colors and decor items to really get people in the mood. 

Your My Cinema Lightbox works great for a party like this too! Get your whole crew in the cheering mood by putting one of these #SuperBowl2017 phrases up in lights. 

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday Houston

Super Bowl Sunday Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday Kickoff

Super Bowl 2017

And here are a few our customers came up with:

A photo posted by @olivewoodlane on


Don't forget to share your #SuperBowl2017 quotes with us on social media by hashtagging #MyCinemaLightbox on Instagram & Twitter. Don't have one yet? There's still time to pick one up before the big game!

Trend Watch: The Latest In Holiday Decor

Trend Watch: The Latest In Holiday Decor

Are you playing host this holiday season? Inviting all your closest friends or most judgemental relatives over for a little soiree? If so, you're going to want to dress [your home] to impress. We've curated some of the latest trends in holiday decor that are sure to surprise and delight your guests. Check it.

Keep it minimalist and modern. Traditional holiday homes can be really busy, with ornaments, colors, gifts and people galore. If you prefer a cleaner look and feel, opt for simplicity and clean lines for an ultra chic and modern look. 

holiday decor white mantle minimalist modern

Idea cred: www.realsimple.com 

holiday decor modern simple minimalist

Idea cred: www.decoist.com

Add feathers or fur. Make everything pop by adding a little texture to the situation. The trendiest holiday homes this season are amusing every sense by adding soft and subtle surprises throughout.

holiday decor fur black white table

Idea cred: www.tabledecoratingideas.com

holiday decor fur wreath

Idea cred: www.realsimple.com

Change up your color palette. We've all seen (and done) the traditional reds, green, silvers and golds. But why limit yourself? Make your space stand out this season by choosing a feature color like pink, purple, orange or blue. 

holiday decor purple accents

Idea cred: www.decoist.com

holiday decor blue pumpkins

Idea cred: www.familyholiday.net

Or ditch color altogether. Stick with black and white this season to add a little drama to your dining room, or take it down one step further and make a statement out of monochrome.

holiday decor black white

Idea cred: freshome.com

Idea cred: www.familyholiday.net

Use wood to get that cozy, cabin vibe. If you aren't lucky enough to have a fireplace of your own to cuddle up beside, or if you are, but want to carry the theme a little further, throw some wood elements into your decor accents. 

holiday decor wood lighting candles

Idea cred: tskriativ.com

holiday decor wood accents table

Idea cred: Design Tech Homes

Mix in some animal inspo. Whether it's a cool piece of art that gives your room a modern edge, or animal print textiles to spice up the mood, think lions, tigers and bears when you're designing your holiday space this year. 

holiday decor animal art modern

Idea cred: freshome.com

holiday decor animal print

Idea cred: www.lovethispic.com

Play with geometrics. If your home is all about industrial design and trendy vibes, keep that theme going this holiday season and pick up some decorations, ornaments and accents that carry through. 

holiday decor geometric tree

Idea cred: homes.nine.com.au

holiday decor geometric ornaments

Idea cred: www.happymundane.com

Light it up a little. Christmas lights are a classic component when decorating for the holiday season. This year, get creative with your decorative lighting and think outside the box with placement, display and style. 

holiday decor lights lighting

Idea cred: design-milk.com

holiday decor lights lighting

Idea cred: www.apartmenttherapy.com

Leave no space un---decorated. Okay, okay--we're not saying you should overdo it. But if decorating for the holidays is really your thing, and you really want to take it to the next level, think beyond the tree and the table. 

holiday decor home stairs

Idea cred: freshome.com

holiday decor bedroom

Idea cred: thefrugalhomemaker.com

Leave hidden messages. Don't save holiday messages for cards! Bring them to life in unique ways that everyone will see and remember. 

holiday decor napkins

Idea cred: www.abbyminteriorsblog.com

vintage cinema lightbox holiday decor

Up your decor game this season with your own My Cinema Lightbox. You can choose from the Mini Cinema Lightbox, the Original Cinema Lightbox, the XL Cinema Lightbox or the stylish new Vintage Cinema Lightbox--whatever suits your space!

Share your holiday photos with us by tagging pics with #MyCinemaLightbox on Twitter and Instagram. 

7 Beauty Tips From YouTube Beauty Bloggers

7 Beauty Tips From YouTube Beauty Bloggers

"I woke up like this..."

We all know the song and likely sing along to it as we primp and prime (and dance?) every morning in front of the bathroom mirror. But the reality is, no--most of us don't wake up like this. It takes considerable time and effort to get us "ready" and looking our best for each day! And ladies everywhere are sharing tips and tricks to make this work quicker, easier, cheaper and more efficient. 

beauty tips from youtube beauty bloggers

YouTube beauty vloggers (also known as “gurus”) have some of the best and most trustworthy beauty advice for young women. You find makeup tutorials from your favorite YouTube beauty vloggers on how to purrfect that cat eye or where to find a new cheap, but high quality drugstore mascara. 

No matter who your favorite guru is, they all know that a good skin care routine is equally as (if not more) important as perfecting your makeup routine. If you haven’t already come across these already, here are a few of our favorite beauty tips to up your makeup and skin care game!

1. Wash your face before going to bed - no exceptions!
If you ask any beauty blogger what their number one tip is, we’ll guarantee that it’s to wash all of the makeup off of your face before going to bed. It’s important to wash away all the built up dirt and oil from the day, and allow your skin to rebuild while you’re sleeping. 

2. If you suddenly run out of make up remover, use coconut oil.
This might come as a shock, but coconut oil isn’t just used for cooking! It’s actually an incredibly moisturizing and natural way to care for your skin. Coconut oil easily removes your makeup (tip: don’t use water until after you’ve massaged the oil into your face), and helps you in the long run with wrinkles and stretch marks.

3. Know your face shape and contour accordingly.
Oval, square, heart - everyone’s face shape is different! When you’re watching YouTube tutorials from your favorite beauty vloggers, remember that your face shape might be different from theirs - so don’t get too upset when your bronzing efforts don’t turn out the first time. Search a little further and find someone with a comparable face shape and tips that work for you!

4. Don’t use sponges to apply liquid foundation.
If you use a sponge or beauty blender, you can say goodbye to a large percentage of your expensive foundation because a lot of it gets soaked up into the sponge. Alternatively, use a foundation brush - not only will you get the most of your makeup, but it’s also easier to clean!

5. Depuff and lighten eye circles with raw potato slices.
On the days that you didn’t get enough sleep, slice up some raw potato and place them on your eyes for 10 minutes. Potatoes contain Vitamin C and enzymes that will nourish your skin and reduce inflammation to brighten you right up! Amazing right?

6. Use a nude eyeliner to look more awake.
Another tip for those early mornings: invest in some nude eyeliner and apply it to your lower waterline to look more awake. No one will be the wiser that you were up until the wee hours of the morning, cramming for that morning exam. You'll look flawless (and hopefully do great on the test too)!

7. Don’t wash your hair everyday!
Washing your hair on a daily basis strips your scalp from natural oils and nutrients that are necessary for happy and healthy hair! Luckily, you can train your hair within a month to not produce as many oils and you’ll be able to get away without washing your hair for days! All you need is a little patience and some dry shampoo.

Now go make these tips a ritual and you’ll be channeling your inner Beyonce sooner than you think!

9 Ways To Use Your My Cinema Lightbox At Your Wedding

9 Ways To Use Your My Cinema Lightbox At Your Wedding

Ahhhh weddings! A time for confetti, cake and, of course, true love. 

Once you've said YES to the man you're going to marry, the fun has only just begun, because girl, now you've got a wedding to plan! This is your big day and so you're going to want to pull out all the stops to make it one to remember. You need to pick a perfect venue, a menu that will make everyone happy, and you can't forget the dress that makes you feel like a million dollars. You want it all to be beautiful, magical and romantic and--you want it to be unique! (You can't have it falling short to your sister-in-laws nuptials from the year before.) 

Here are 9 fun ways to use your My Cinema Lightbox on or leading up to your big day that will surprise and delight all your guests! 

In Your Invitations

Customize your invitations by inserting a photo of your own, and use your My Cinema Lightbox to create this memorable imagery. We suggest posing your lightbox with a few key items, or a fitting backdrop of your choice and trying messages like YOU'RE INVITED or BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. 

At Your Bridal Shower

This event is all about the ladies and that usually means the prettiest details are not to be missed. So as you're serving up glasses of pink champagne with frozen raspberries and chocolate covered strawberries on a stick to guests with perfectly gift-wrapped bags of tissue paper and lingerie, put up your My Cinema Lightbox with a cute message like HAPPY GIRLS ARE THE PRETTIEST or BRIDE TO BE.

At The Ceremony

There are going to be oodles of photos of you two and your wedding party up at the alter, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, reciting your vows. Why not position your My Cinema Lightbox in view just in front, behind or to the side with something to mark the moment like: AUGUST 9, 2016 or TILL DEATH DO US PART.

During Your Photo Session

Photographer's love these things because they easily add a little flair to their already spectacular pictures, and you get to personalize it any way you like to add some personality or romance or even humour to your shots. Try something like JUST MARRIED or MR & MRS. Toronto Photographer Roberto Lissia captured this perfect shot using "YOU & ME FOREVER".

how to cinema lightbox wedding idea

Photo: Roberto Lissia, Creative Wedding Options

At The Reception Entrance

We recommend getting the XL Cinema Lightbox for this one, and as your guests walk toward the reception hall, catch their eye and make them feel welcome with a message like:  or TIME TO GET THE PARTY STARTED. 

how to cinema lightbox wedding idea

Photo: The Daydream Diaries

At The Head Table

Much like the alter, this is going to be a hot spot for photos and having a favorite quote or customizable caption of some kind on the whole scene might be kind of unique. You could try YOU & ME, FOREVER PLEASE or ALL BECAUSE TWO PEOPLE FELL IN LOVE. 

At The Cake Table

The Mini Cinema Lightbox may be all you need here, but bring a little attention to the cake table with a cute message like IS IT TIME TO CUT THE CAKE YET? or I LOVE YOU LIKE A FAT KID LOVES CAKE.

In The Restroom

Okay wait--hear us out. You know how at some weddings people have started leaving little amenities baskets in the restrooms with extra bobby pins, stain remover, hairspray, breath freshener, etc. What if you added a little message in there too to up your restroom game like HELP YOURSELF or A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED?

At The Bar

Not that most people need help finding this corner of the room, but still, a bar is a bar is a bar... until you add some unique touches! And this is a great place to add humour with messages like IT'S GIN O'CLOCK or SHAKEN NOT STIRRED. 

Now that you've got some ideas, back to planning for you! You still need to decide on your guest favours and pick the flowers. Get to it! 

how to cinema lightbox wedding idea


How to Store Your Letters (DIY)

We’ve received a few comments from customers saying they wished they had a better way to store the letters from their cinema lightboxes when not in use. Well, friends, your prayers have been answered!

Here’s a clever and low cost way to help you store your extra letters that are included with My Cinema Lightbox or the Extra Letter Packs

First order of business: Purchase a business card holder

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. This one from Staples only costs $7.09 and does the trick!

Next, remove the letters from their plastic wrap and insert them into the business card holder in alphabetical order. This will make it MUCH easier to find next time you decide to change your saying on your My Cinema Lightbox.

NOTE: Be careful not to stuff the plastic sleeves too full (no more than 3 per slot) as you'll risk tearing the plastic. If you need more room, simply use another slot - there's more than enough room :)

Just look at this thing. Doesn't it give you the warm and fuzzies?