7 Ways To Cozy Up Your Decor For Fall

7 Ways To Cozy Up Your Decor For Fall

Fall is officially here! The season of boots, blanket scarves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. If you haven't already - it's time to pack up the shorts and tank tops and set them aside because baby, it's sweater weather now! And while you're updating your wardrobe to fit the season, you might want to update your home decor a little too so it fits your mood. What better place to get inspiration than from Pinterest? Here are a few ideas we scoped out for you to try. 

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#1 Branch Out

'Tis the season for leaves to fall off the trees. Take advantage of this vibe in your own home decor like so.... 

branch wreath

branches lights

#2 Cozy Up By Candlelight

Toss em into a centrepiece of natural elements to add warmth or create your own with cinnamon sticks that will leave your whole house smelling delish. 

candle wood fall decor

fall decor apple candles centrepiece

#3 Play With Plaid

Whether you're draping it over your armchair or using it as a tablecloth, adding plaid brings up the cozy. 

plaid table fall decor

fall decor plaid blankets

#4 Make It Sweet Like Cinnamon

Everyone knows scents set the mood. So you could pick up some scented candles, or you could create the sweetness in IRL by adding cinnamon to your decor. 

cinnamon stick napkins fall decor

cinnamon stick candle fall decor

#5 Light Up The Dark

The sun sets earlier, which means you're blessed with plenty of dark corners that will make a neon light stand out. 

hype neon sign amped and co

ghost neon lamp amped and co fall decor

#6 A Little Wood Would Work

Of course, you'll want to have your My Cinema Lightbox on display. For this season, we recommend putting out your Vintage Edition, so you can add a little wood to the mix. 

 vintage lightbox color fall decor

vintage my cinema lightbox friendsgiving fall decor

#7 It's As Easy As Orange

Don't have a tonne of time or energy for creative DIYs? No stress. Simply swapping out those blue and yellow accents of summertime for some orange hues is enough! 

fall decor orange pillows plaid blankets

fall decor orange towels

For more fall home decor tips you'll love, follow our Pinterest board "Fall Into Autumn"

Ultra Creative Ways To Celebrate This Easter

Ultra Creative Ways To Celebrate This Easter

Easter is just around the corner! A time for rest, family, celebrations and... over-indulging in chocolate. A winning combo! This year, we want you to get creative with your decor and celebrations. Update some of your long-standing traditions and make them memorable for years and years to come!


These bunny pancakes are almost (almost--but not quite) too cute to eat and a super festive way to start off the day.


Looking for an appetizer for the family potluck? How about an Easter carrot cheese ball!

Or bust out some Peeps kebabs. An easy way to get the kids to eat something healthy on this chocolate-filled holiday.


Hang this easy DIY banner to make any room feel festive.


Turn your early morning crafts into unique centrepieces for the dinner table. How sweet are these DIY cacti?

Show your breakfast crew how passionate you really are about all things brunch with your customizable My Cinema Lightbox.

Lure the Easter Bunny with a beautiful bouquet of upside down roses or tulips. He'll be sure to come knockin'.


Make your own natural Easter egg dye, with simple ingredients from your fridge.

Or make your eggs Instagram-ready with one of these trendy dye-jobs.

We are hopping (had to!) with excitement to see how you celebrate Easter! Does your family have any unique traditions? Be sure to share with us - we love to hear from you. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram, where we can connect and check out our Pinterest boards for even more unique ideas.

Happy Hunting!


Words To Live By: 2017 Resolutions

Words To Live By: 2017 Resolutions

Your My Cinema Lightbox isn't just for decor, it can also act as an inspiration board! Take a minute this New Year and set yourself some goals for 2017. Put your resolutions on your My Cinema Lightbox to motivate you daily, like some of our customers have done.

It wouldn't be a New Year's resolution blog without a post about ambition, now would it? Start 2017 off right by setting some goals for yourself to grow this year - as a person and in your career. [Image from Santina Commisso] 

The best way to kick off a new year is with an attitude of gratitude. Instead of focusing on all the things you don't have, give thanks for what you do have. With a grateful heart and a positive attitude, nothing can bring you down! [Image from Koralee]

Explore more! There's so much to see in this big beautiful world of ours, but that doesn't mean you need to hop on a plane to be adventurous - start at home! Make a list of places you've been meaning to check out around your city, or hikes you've been meaning to take and get out there. [Image from Bowood Farms]

Find a new hobby, or learn a new skill. Utilize the ambition the new year brings, and dive into something new. Maybe crafts aren't your thing, but you could always learn to play an instrument, start cooking or even get into snow shoeing! The options are endless, really. [Photo from Fynes Designs]

Unfortunately for many of us, January also mean Christmas break is over and it's time to go back to school. Instead of dreading the return to the books, embrace it! Turn over a new leaf, and set some scholastic goals for yourself. Boost your GPA, show more effort and make the most of your education. [Photo from Kol Kid]


Now that we've got you thinking about your 2017 resolutions, what goals are you setting for yourself? Post your Words To Live By on your lightbox and share with us on social media!