Top 5 Types Of Coffee You Need To Try

Top 5 Types Of Coffee You Need To Try

Coffee: The roasted delight that's the first thing on everyone's minds every morning. Some might say it's their first love (guilty). It's the most versatile way to put that extra pep in your step; iced, blended, piping hot or even previously digested (yes, that's a thing). How do you take your cuppa?

Cat Poop Coffee (Kopi Luwak)

Yes, you read that right. Kopi Luwak is an Asian delicacy where the coffee has been partly digested by the Civet cat and then defecated prior to consumption. The Civet's stomach is able to break down the coffee shell and leave the bean untouched. This very unique process creates the worlds most expensive coffee.

Cold Brew

Sometimes you need a cold java to really kick start your day. But be prepared, if you want to create this at home - remember that time replaces heat and you'll have to start prepping this icy bevy the night before.



This is one for the health nuts. No time in the AM? Replace your breakfast with this high-fat concoction that you can take on the go. Mix your morning coffee with coconut oil or even butter, to jumpstart your metabolism and start the day on a high.

Protein Coffee

Another way to drink your breakfast, this high-powered coffee is sure to get your blood pumping in the AM. Although this coffee packs 12 grams of protein, it's also free of gluten, fat, sugar and carbs. A perfect start to anyone's day.

Half Caf

Not everyone can handle the effects of a fully caffeinated beverage. Did you know that you can order almost any specialty coffee with only half the caffeine? If you find yourself jittery after that Grande Latte, give half caf a shot!

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