5 Steps To An Instagram-Worthy Backyard Party

5 Steps To An Instagram-Worthy Backyard Party

Summer is in full swing, which means we're planning cookouts, barbecues and backyard hangouts galore. You know we're all about the aesthetics, so we've compiled the ultimate list of party essentials to really transform your outdoor space. Your guests won't be able to resist the urge to post your event on Instagram. 

Step 1: Fairy lights, obviously.

When the sun sets, you'll need something to really bring your party from day to night. Nothing sets the mood more than some twinkly string lights.

Step 2: An epic drink station.

We all know this usually ends up being the focal point of the party, create something inviting and exciting for your guests (young and old) to indulge in.

Step 3: Grub

It's all about the presentation. You don't need anything fancy, finger foods and barbecue eats are the best backyard treats.

Step 4: Games!

Your guests will only want to mingle amongst themselves for so long, games will keep them entertained for hours.

Step 5: Party decor.

Now for the piece de'reistance, these items will add a personal touch and really make your event special.

Where did we get these ideas? Pinterest of course! You can find them all (and more) on our Cookouts & Barbecues board here. Be sure to follow us, as we're posting inspiration everyday!

5 Reasons You Should Drink Beer Today; #NationalBeerDay!

5 Reasons You Should Drink Beer Today; #NationalBeerDay!

Let's be honest, we're all looking for an excuse to indulge in the good stuff mid-week. Well, today is your lucky day! It's #NationalBeerDay (April 7th), and if that's not a good enough excuse for you, we can do one better - it's also good for your health! We know know... it sounds like a stretch. But it's official! And we've got 5 reasons to prove it.  

1. It's good for your heart

Studies have shown that, similar to red wine, beer (specifically dark ales and stouts) contains antioxidants that are great for your cardiovascular health. Sipping on the occasional brew will lower your cholesterol and decrease your risk of stroke. But remember, moderation is key. The same studies shows that risk of heart disease increased in people who consumed higher amounts of beer.

2. It can help protect against Alzheimer's Disease

Certain ingredients in beer can help protect the brain from harmful levels of aluminum, which is thought to be a major cause of Alzheimer's. Moderate beer drinkers are 23% LESS likely to suffer from this debilitating disease, so drink up!

3. It promotes bone health

Forget the milk, pass the ale! Beer has proven to help strengthen bones, and prevent diseases like Osteoporosis. Beers containing high levels of malted barley and hops are richest in silicon, which is the ingredient that builds strong bones. So reach for an IPA, why don't ya?!

4. It reduces your risk of kidney stones

Beer drinkers benefit from a reduced kidney stone risk of 41% because the alcohol acts as a diuretic. Drinking beer stimulates the kidneys to work harder to excrete the by-products of alcohol metabolism and this allows you to urinate more frequently, thus cleansing the system - so order that 2nd one!

5. It makes you happy

We know, you probable already knew that. Nothing beats sipping a cold one in the sun after a long day, but it's actually more scientific than that. That euphoric feeling isn't just because you're finally relaxing, beer releases dopamine and endorphins in your brain. Cheers to that!

Now that we've given you the facts, it's in your best interest to crack one today. You know what they say... a pint a day, keeps the doctor away. Ok, they don't say it, but we do. :) Cheers to health! 

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