• Bigger is Better!
  • Andrea Banyai

Bigger is Better!

Bigger is Better!

The XL Cinema Lightbox Is Here!

Since launching the My Cinema Lightbox brand 6 months ago, our creative customers are often asking us when, and if, we can create a larger version. Well, here it is... we are pleased to announce the limited release of our new XL Cinema Lightbox.

Our primary focus is to keep the retro cinema look and recreate the old-hollywood style signs for portable use. We have given extra consideration into the letter offering with the XL. For this reason, we have included 100 letters, number, and characters in black and red! A classic cinema sign wouldn't be complete without the odd red letter, right!?


The first-run XL is a special edition with limited availability launching in early March. Pre-orders begin today, and will continue until sold-out. As with all products, we offer a $10 flat rate shipping per order, all pricing is USD. We expect to begin shipping orders to U.S. addresses on March 25. Canadian address will start as early as March 11. Please see shipping guidelines for more information.

To purchase or for more details visit the XL Cinema Lightbox product page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


My Cinema Lightbox


  • Andrea Banyai

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  • Aug 05, 2016

    Do you have any plans to release extra letter packs for the XL lightbox?

    — Natalie Chambers

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