• 10 Ways To Leave [Love Notes For] Your Lover
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10 Ways To Leave [Love Notes For] Your Lover

10 Ways To Leave [Love Notes For] Your Lover

The Dictionary defines a love letter as:
1. a letter or note written by someone to his or her sweetheart or lover
2. (in Malaysia) a type of biscuit, made from eggs and rice flour and rolled into a cylinder

To be clear, we're not talking about Malaysian biscuits here.

Love letters are seemingly vintage now, but we think (like many style inspirations from the 60s and 70s) they are due for a comeback. Here are a few fun ways to get back on top of your Love Note game and knock the socks off your lover. 

On the bathroom mirror

There’s something so sexy about red lipstick. Use yours to write out a sultry little note on your bathroom mirror for your lover to find. It’ll get him excited and he’ll be picturing your lips!

On the shower door

When he hops in after a sweaty workout, or first thing in the morning... and he’s scrubbing away with soap in his eyes, draw out a heart shape for a quick “I LOVE YOU” message in the steamy door for him when he rinses off.

In the fridge magnets

It's called "Magnetic Poetry" and it's a kit with all kinds of words that you can slap up on your fridge and use to create hilarious, creative or even sexy messages you'll enjoy as you grab the cream for your coffee.

On the way out

Do you leave before him in the morning? Write out something sweet on a sticky note and post it on the inside of the door so he’ll catch it on his way out for the day. Does he leave before you? Write the note before bed. Voila!

In his pocket

Sneak a little something into his jeans or his jacket before he gets dressed for the day. When he's emptying them later to find receipts for his expenses, he'll love finding this in the mix. 

In his lunch kit

Does bae pack a lunch each day (cute), or do you pack a lunch for him (even cuter)? The sandwich will curb his hunger, but a little love note from you will curb his girlfriend cravings and get him through until the end of the day.

In the mail

Are you in a long distance relationship? Or do you travel a lot for work? Kick it old school and send snail mail. These days, mail is all bills and flyers (and no one likes those!), so throw a postcard or a love letter into the mix to surprise and delight him.

In an email

Okay okay, this may not seem that original. But in a world of non-stop text messaging, even an email will seem like a blast from the past--think late 90's.

On his pillow

Leave a "Good Morning" message on his pillow, so it’s the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes. Bonus points if your note says: “Meet me in the kitchen for breakfast, Handsome. I’m making your favourite”.

On your My Cinema Lightbox

It’s bold, it’s trendy and it’s changeable. Create messages for your lover using the different letter packs and display them in your home where everyone can see. Light up his day!


  • Post author
    Andrea Banyai
  • encouragementinspirationlovelovermy cinema lightboxnotessweethearttips

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